There is a diverse set of citizens who have answered the call to make amazing things happen in Gary-New Duluth. This is why they decided to volunteer their time, money, and resources to help build the new Gary-New Duluth Community Center and Recreation Area.

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“We are rooted in the Gary area and our neighbors were asking for support. As a good neighbor we have put some financial backing into the project as well as volunteer time. It is important to have a stable neighborhood to do business in and this project has brought the entire community together. The families and the business of Gary need to feel proud of something and this project will do that and more.”

Bill Grau
Duluth Plant Manager – ME Elecmetal

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“Kraus-Anderson’s Core Purpose is to Build Enduring Relationships and Strong Communities, so partnering with the GNDDA is a natural fit.  the GND REC project, led by community volunteers, is a prime example of what can be accomplished as we work together for the benefit of all.“

Dan Markham
Director of Operations- Duluth Office, KrausAnderson Construction Company

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“Being a part of revitalizing this community park means that not only young people but people of all ages and backgrounds have the opportunity for positive interaction, mentoring, developing communication skills, free play for creative growth and team building, all vital important life skills that will be needed for ones entire life. To be a part of that process of investing in our community and country for the greater good, there is no better feeling!”

Miller Creek Lawn & Landscape
Miller Creek Garden Center

“the GND REC provides a place for our kids to go after school and when school is out to enjoy and have fun outdoors.  Our youth are our future and the GND REC provides a place where they can have fun, be safe and grow as individuals. We are proud to support to the GND REC!”

Darrel Johnson
Owner – Darrel D. Johnson Excavating

“Since their beginning, GND Development Alliance has listened to the voices of community to create a resource that benefits the entire City of Duluth currently and for future generations. The creation of the Rec Center is the direct result of dedicated volunteers, donated labor and a host of supporters. This organization is a shining example of how community coming together can tackle immediate needs while forging a better future for all.”

Joan Gardner-Goodno
Lloyd K. Johnson Foundation, Executive Director

“More than ever, we need to be intentional about bringing people together around sense of shared purpose.  This community and this project are proof that when folks come together behind a shared vision, incredible accomplishments are possible.”

Don Ness
Ordean Foundation, Executive Director

“What do the GND REC basketball courts mean to me and the kids? During 2020 the courts were an outlet for kids together with their friends to be in a great environment and use basketball to learn life skills. While gyms where closed it was a time to get kids to get outside more and work and have fun at the same time. We appreciate you guys a lot and hope to use it again this summer.”

C. J. Osuchukwu
Marshall High School Girls Basketball Coach

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A young girl with face paint makes bubbles on a sunny day while a woman watches her and smiles

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The GND Community Center and Recreation Area is dedicated to providing a place to be used by members of the community for social, cultural, learning and recreational purposes.

The community is in a period of transition with many new people moving to the community. The GND REC provides the catalyst for bringing the community together, benefiting young people and seniors alike while instilling an overall sense of pride throughout the community.

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