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Making vision a reality.

“All great visions are created twice – once in the mind and once in reality. Through the power of partnership, perseverance, persuasion and people our GND REC vision is reality and nearly finished. the GND REC has become a beacon of hope in the moment and a developmental wellspring for generations ahead. What lies before us now as a community is one last great effort to complete its unfinished business—the capstone skate park. Let’s all join forces in 2022 to finish the dream.”

Al Hodnik
Retired Chairmen, President & CEO

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Your gift will be deductible at its full value on your income tax return if you itemize deductions.

Publicly Traded Stocks
Stocks are easy to give and can offer you great tax advantages. If you have held the stock for more than 1 year, and it has appreciated in value, you can make a gift of publicly-traded stock to the GND Development Alliance.

Qualified Retirement Assets
You can pass on your retirement fund to charities without taxation.

Life Insurance
Life insurance can be an excellent tool for making charitable gifts.

In your will, you can name the GND Development Alliance to receive a specific amount, a percentage of your estate, or to be a contingent beneficiary.

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Mailing address: GND Development Alliance, 2630 W. Superior Street, Duluth, MN 55806


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Make a pledge.

The GND REC is close to completing its capital improvements with the skate park, small pavilion, parking lot, and sidewalks remaining. To accelerate completion, we are seeking multi-year pledges providing certainty of financial stability. Would you be able to make a pledge to ensure success? Pledges of cash, stock, property, etc. are graciously accepted.  Include us in your estate planning to ensure that the GND REC keeps its doors open. Please contact us via email at: to make a pledge or contact us below. Your support is deeply appreciated.

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The GND Community Center and Recreation Area is dedicated to providing a place to be used by members of the community for social, cultural, learning and recreational purposes.

The community is in a period of transition with many new people moving to the community. The GND REC provides the catalyst for bringing the community together, benefiting young people and seniors alike while instilling an overall sense of pride throughout the community.

We can’t get this project completed without your help!