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The GND REC is sure to be amazing. But it can't get off the ground by itself. That is why we need amazing people - people like you - to help out whenever they can. Your donation, however big or small. will go a long way towards making this dream a reality.

Phase 1 - Completed

Phase 1 of the new Gary New Duluth Community Center and Recreation Area will start off with remodeling the existing building. Outside of the Community Center there will be an open play area which will double as an ice skating rink during the winter months. There will also be an entry garden and pavilion picknic area for all to use and enjoy the great outdoors. We will also build a Stormwater Feature that will make the entire park more environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing. Lastly, phase 1 will build two U10 Soccer fields that can also be used for Lacrosse and other organized sports.

Phase 2 - Construction Underway

Phase Two will improve the health and wellness of the community in a variety of ways. First, Phase Two will feature a Dog Park. The Gary New Duluth community has always been pet friendly, so we didn't want to leave some important members of our family out of The GND REC. Phase Two will also bring Community Gardens to The GND REC. The gardens will feature many raised beds for community members to grow fresh organic produce, but it will also feature an Orchard area! Lastly, Phase Two will include a multi-use Sport Court for all community members to use! The Sport Court will allow everyone from youth to adults play a variety of sports. With all of these features coming to the Gary New Duluth community, it is hard not to get excited! With such a focus on health, the GND community is sure to be one of the healthiest communities around!

Levels of Giving




Friends Under $100 We need your help - any amount is appreciated
Blue / White Club $100 to $499 Name on plaque and website
Principal's Club $500 to $999 Name on plaque and website
Community Pillars $1000 to $2499 Name on plaque and website
Commonwealth Ave Society $2500 to $4999 Name on plaque and website
1914 Associates $5000 to $9999 Name on plaque and website
Founders Society $10,000 to $24,999 Name on plaque and website
Harriet Beecher Stowe Society    $25,000 to $49,999   Name on plaque and website

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Donation Information



We Need Your Help

The new GND REC is becoming the center of the community. The Community Center is completed and active.  Phase I has been completed with soccer games keeping our new fields busy.  The performance pavilion was the venue for four concerts in 2017 and the 2018 schedule is being established.  The dog park is completed and is actively used.  Much more is needed to complete our project.  Amazing people - people like you -  are asked however they can. 2018 construction is focused on Phase 2 & 3 of our project will be started and are accepting donations to keep the project rolling.

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