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What and where is the Gary New Duluth Recreation Area?

The Gary New Duluth Recreation Area (The GND REC) is located on the far west side of Duluth, Minnesota adjacent to Stowe Elementary School, right in the middle of the St. Louis River Corridor. Development of the St. Louis Corridor is a focus area of Duluth City Government and the community.


Who is leading the project to revitalize and transform The GND REC?

The GND Development Alliance, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, was created to lead the project.


Who is paying for the capital improvements?

The GND Development Alliance is responsible for securing funding and services to make the modifications necessary to get The GND REC operating. The City has become a very strong financial partner in the project and has provided in excess of $580,000 in support via the tourism tax allocation.  The private sector and unions have provided strong in-kind support of labor and materials.  Various foundations have been supported the project through grants.


What is the City's role in the project?

The city is a strong partner with the GND Development Alliance.  The city owns that GND Recreation Area property and it is a designated city park.  However, the city does not have the financial resources to completely fund the project.  The city has provided substantial funding via the tourism tax and provides valuable technical, operational and maintenance support


Does the GND Development Alliance have to follow City requirements?

Yes, the project will be done according to City building requirements.


Who will own The GND REC?

The City will own The GND REC


Who will maintain The GND REC?

Routine cleaning and maintenance will be done by the GND Development Alliance. The City will provide maintenance support and services as agreed.



When did work on The GND REC begin?

Work began in September 2013. The City processes had to be followed. We started by providing conceptual designs to the Parks & Recreation Department. Many community meetings were held to ensure that we were meeting the needs and desires of the community and community at large. Mayor Ness endorsed the project on January 21, 2014. The Duluth Parks Commission endorsed the project on March 12, 2014. The City Council approved the project on March 24, 2014. Much work has been done leading up to actually starting physical construction. Construction on the water line began on October 22, 2014


Who will operate The GND REC?

The GND Development Alliance will be responsible for operating the facility. We are pleased to announce that effective 1 August 2016 the YMCA has been recruited to work with the GND Development Alliance for operations and programming.  Contact the GND REC / YMCA at 218-464-1930 for any questions on activities or to rent the facilities.


What is P.L.A.Y.?

We created the acronym PLAY; Promoting Lifetime Activities for Youth, to inform people of our focus for The GND REC. We want to create an environment that promotes lifetime physically active and social active lives in our community from youth through seniors.


Who will schedule soccer games?

The Arrowhead Youth Soccer Association will be responsible for scheduling soccer games and practices during the soccer season. The soccer fields opened 1 August 2017.


Are donations to the project tax deductible?

Yes, donations are tax deductible. Please make out your check to: GND Development Alliance and mail to:

Park State Bank
2630 W. Superior St., Suite 2
Duluth, MN 55806.

Donations can also be made through the website or our Facebook site.


We Need Your Help

The new GND REC is becoming the center of the community. The Community Center is completed and active.  Phase I has been completed with soccer games keeping our new fields busy.  The performance pavilion was the venue for four concerts in 2017 and the 2018 schedule is being established.  The dog park is completed and is actively used.  Much more is needed to complete our project.  Amazing people - people like you -  are asked however they can. 2018 construction is focused on Phase 2 & 3 of our project will be started and are accepting donations to keep the project rolling.

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