Benefits For the Community

Our Project Provides Many Benefits

The benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Community
  • By effectively transforming the park property for the benefit of the community, the people of the community will become stronger, safer and interact with one another.  The GND REC will be a regional draw with the many amenities to come.

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  • Direct Use Value
  • There are many direct uses for this facility, including team sports, skateboarding leagues, ice skating, various programs and social interaction for people of all ages, special events, picnicking, bench-sitting, enjoying nature, gardening, dog park, soccer, and more.
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  • Health Benefits
  • The site will promote an increase in physical activity necessary for good health. Having a site where an individual can relax in a pleasant environment and increase social interaction also leads to improved mental well-being.
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  • Property Values
  • Property values traditionally increase the closer they are to a well maintained, functioning recreation area.

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  • Tourism
  • The site that is envisioned will draw people to the community and the region. The proposed skateboarding park alone has drawn excitement from many members of the Duluth community and the region. This is very positive for the efforts to enhance the St. Louis River Corridor.
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  • Managing Storm Water
  • Extensive landscaping will improve management of storm water by capturing and slowing runoff.
    Storm Water Feature
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The GND REC will benefit our community and the region in so many ways, and will only end up making Duluth a stronger, safer place to live. We cannot complete this project without your help! Donate now by clicking here or completing the box below.

We Need Your Help

The new GND REC is sure to be amazing. But the project can't get off the ground without amazing people - people like you - who help out wherever they can. We are currently in Phase 1 of our project and are accepting donations to keep the project rolling.

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