The New GND RecA GND Development Alliance Project

Revitalizing the Gary New Duluth Recreation Area into a fully functioning Community Center and Recreation Area will provide an ACTIVITY HUB for people of all ages.



The GND Community Center and Recreation Area is dedicated to providing a place to be used by members of the community for social, cultural, learning and recreational purposes.  
The GND Community Center and Recreation Area including its facilitators, partners and committed volunteers promotes respect for the individual, the community and the environment through physical, recreational, social and environmental activities.


Our vision is to support a strong sense of community by promoting social, educational and physical activities for people of all ages.


  • We value and take pride in our community and each of its members
  • We value education, physical activity and our environment 
  • We value those who promote positive actions and give back to our community
  • We appreciate the opportunity to have fun as we promote service in our community and strong personal relationships between its member


The Gary New Duluth Community Center & Recreation Area

The Gary New Duluth community, the private sector and the City of Duluth are working together to redevelop the GND REC into a fully functioning Community Center and Recreation Area. The project area is located adjacent to Stowe Elementary School and in the middle of the St. Louis River Corridor.



The new GND Rec and all its features

The Gary New Duluth neighborhoods are located in the far west portion of Duluth. More than 3000 people live in the community. The community is served by Stowe Elementary School which provides elementary school education for approximately 300 students from the Fairmont area (Spirit Valley) all the way west to Fond du Lac.


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  • Contribute to the many services we need
  • Tell your friends about us!



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