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The Arrowhead Youth Soccer Association Pledges $20,000

Arrowhead Youth Soccer Association

On Friday, November 14th, 2014 the board of the The Arrowhead Youth Soccer Association pledged $20,000 to The GND REC. The funds will go directly towards the construction of the two youth soccer fields. This extremely charitable donation will help this facility have some of the nicest soccer fields in the entire city. We are deeply humbled by the Arrowhead Youth Soccer Association's donation and greatly look forward to working with them in the future as this progress moves forward.

October Progress at The GND REC

It has been some time since we put out an update on the project progress. There has been quite a bit going on the past few months. We expect that you will be seeing some visible, on-site progress in the near future. The following are key accomplishments and milestones.

  • Let's start off with some great news: CN has donated $100,000 to the project. This is very substantial contribution is a great start. Much more is needed for successful completion of our project.
  • The IRS has approved the GND Development Alliance as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit. This means that donations to the project are tax deductible. Thanks to John Nys of Johnson, Killen & Seiler Attorneys.
  • The GND Development Alliance and the City of Duluth have negotiated an agreement for the Alliance to development and operate the GND Recreation Area. The agreement was approved by the City Council on 22 September 2014. Thanks again to John Nys for his expertise.
  • Focus is on installing the water line and then remodeling the "shack". Adjustments may be made dependent on financing and in-kind contributions. Work on the water line has begun with Hanco Utilities doing the boring and installation of the waterline, Veit Contracting doing the excavating and the City of Duluth finishing up with the asphalt patching. The GND Development Alliance has purchased approximately $14,000 worth of materials for the water line installation to the building and the recreation area.
  • Kraus Anderson Construction Company has joined our team in providing project management expertise and assistance.
  • SAS + Associates continues work on park / landscape design and is focusing on elevations / drainage concerns.
  • A logo has been developed for the GND Recreation Area and will be used to publicize the project and branding purposes. See the following: Inline image 1
  • The exterior building design has been further refined by Wagner Zuan Architecture.
The Shack
A 3D Rendering of "The Shack" Redesigned
  • The skate park design continues to evolve based on input from the skating boarding community. Thanks to Wizard Works and Damage Board Shop.
The GND REC Skatepark
  • The entire project property has been surveyed to determine property lines by Alta Surveying.
  • A brochure has been developed for fundraising purposes. Click Here to see it.

    Please help distribute the brochure through social media and to those you think would be interested in contributing. Cash donations are greatly appreciated and graciously accepted. In-kind contributions by the private sector are essential to success and deeply appreciated. We are making progress and need and appreciate your support.

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The new GND REC is becoming the center of the community. The Community Center is completed and active.  Phase I has been completed with soccer games keeping our new fields busy.  The performance pavilion was the venue for four concerts in 2017 and the 2018 schedule is being established.  The dog park is completed and is actively used.  Much more is needed to complete our project.  Amazing people - people like you -  are asked however they can. 2018 construction is focused on Phase 2 & 3 of our project will be started and are accepting donations to keep the project rolling.

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