Monetary Contributionsto The GND REC

The Blue / White Club

Donations from $100 to $499

Blue & White are the colors of the Stowe Bulldogs. Did you know that Stowe once went from K through the 9th grade? The Bulldogs played against other junior high schools in the city.


The following people or companies joined
The Blue / White Club:   

Duluth Brass Manufacturing
Fond Du Lac Community Club
Gartner Refrigeration Company
Shamrock Trucking LLC
Tutoring Duluth/Deb Dwyer
Jan Akervik
Joanie Balach
Lana Joy Balach
Robert Balach   
Donna Benson
Tom Bell
Robert Berg
In Memory of: Edward & Helen Boben
In Memory of: John & Frances Boben
Ronald & Margaret Boben
In Honor of: Stanley & Ruth Boben
Frank & Sharon Bucar
Laura S. Budd
Judge David & Gloria Bouschor
In Memory of: Peter Ceskic
Jerry & Beverly Cran
Cub Scout Pack #3013
In Memory of Bill Damkroeger
Nancy & Alexander Darbut
Marlene David
In Memory of: Dr. Mark Eckman
Robert & Linda Espenson
Richard & Barbara Fischer   
In Honor of Barbara & Dick Fischer
Bill Gigliotti
Richard F. Gillen    
Robert & Karen Glowacki
Regis Glumac
Beverly Goldfine
Walt & Kay Gower
Wilheim & Jennifer Grau
William & Barbara Gravelle
In Memory of Steve (Stojan) Griak
Charles & Beatrice Herman


Dale M. Johnson
Joe & Alice Janchar
Don Joe
Julie & Clyde Johnson
Gordon Marinkovich
In Memory of: Sharon Medved
James Menart
Lizette Miller
Sam Miscevich
In Honor of: Frank & Betty Mrak
Nassin Family
Florence Nasti
Pete & Janice Nelson
Richard & Claire Nordberg
Robert Nordberg
Jo-Ann Pasek
Ted & Rae Ann Pavlovich
Mary Petrich    
In Honor of: Mary Petrich
In Memory of: Thanie Petrich
Jack Rendulich
Dick & Nancy Richie
In Memory of: Ray D. Rizzi
Mark & Nancy Rubin
Susan & Raymond Rybos    
Ryan & Jackie Sather
Lawrence Sever Family
John & Barbara Skull   
Mark & Gale Smithson
Donald Solwold
Cliff & Barb Sherer
Patti & Mark Stenhammer
Pauline & John Stojevich
Dale & Stefani Summerlin
Karen Turnboom
Lori Ulvi
Steven Veit
Lawrence Wietman, Jr.
Geiger L. Yount
Elliot Zunich


Would you like to join this club? You can join, if you 

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The new GND REC is becoming the center of the community. The Community Center is completed and active.  Phase I has been completed with soccer games keeping our new fields busy.  The performance pavilion was the venue for four concerts in 2017 and the 2018 schedule is being established.  The dog park is completed and is actively used.  Much more is needed to complete our project.  Amazing people - people like you -  are asked however they can. 2018 construction is focused on Phase 2 & 3 of our project will be started and are accepting donations to keep the project rolling.

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